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#TeamNXT warmed up before starting on the #RaceForTheCure

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@realpaigewwe : Feeding a stary kitty we named "jewels". He had the bigges
t man parts i've ever seen on a cat..
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Get to know me

Favourite 2014 feuds :

The Shield vs The Wyatt Family

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Bray wyatt, I miss you!!

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Poor jack swagger and that black eye. How did he even get that?

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Rock: why are we this close?
Hunter: I don't know. But it's weird.
Rock: it's like a weird tension and we should back up...
Hunter: yeah.
Both: okay...
Rock: but I'm still going to kick your ass.
Hunter: no way.
Stephanie: okay. This is weird. Let's just go get dinner.
Both: okay. Yeah.
Rock: you're paying the bill!
Hunter: he's a well paid actor. How cheap!
Me: I love wrestling.
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I thought the crowd was chanting “Thank you Based God!” for a minute!


But it turned out to be “Thank you Mizdow!”

Even better!

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Stephanie dancing on the 15th anniversary of Smackdown

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